Často kladené otázky
Isn't coaching just for athletes?
Not at all. Although it has spread from sport to business and everyday life, it has proved to be valuable in all areas. Instead of training for the Olympics, a personal coach will prepare you for an interview, instead of tennis strokes, he will train you how to manage stress.
What if I don't know if I need coaching?
It’s up to you. Nobody necessarily needs coaching, you can live without a coach. Rather, ask yourself if you want a change in a certain area. If you come across the right coach for you, it is usually a good investment. I personally only have good experience with coaching.
Aren't your services just for people who are completely lost, don't know what to do with themselves?
I work with people who want to work on their personal growth, perform better, be happier. The basic premise is that the client is aware of his opportunities for development, in what areas he wants to improve. We will then focus on these areas. Some clients have more of those areas, others less.
Can I coach myself?
You are yourself and you know yourself the best, that is true. But you usually have a very subjective view of yourself. In addition, you will not ask yourself some questions. Maybe because they are uncomfortable or they simply don’t occur to you. In addition, I very much doubt that you will find time to arrange a “meeting with yourself” at all. It is usually good to have a listener, a partner in a discussion, someone who will provoke you to think differently, but more importantly someone, who will motivate you to act.
Do I need to talk about everything?
I would like our relationship to be as open as possible so that I have the most comprehensive picture. But you determine the areas we will focus on. If there is something you do not want to cover, I will respect it.
How does it work?

I cooperate with clients in three forms:

  • One half-day meeting. The world stops and you are in the center of your and my attention.
  • 3-month program. We meet 6 times. You will be surprised how much we can achieve together.
  • Long-term program. More than 6 months of your personal transformation.