“The more you experience in life the more you can offer to others.”

Sara Blakely

I am Lucie Kováčová

Mum of a teenager and a princess, a married woman for more than 15 years.

Lawyer, director of Legal and corporate affairs department in international company with experience of leading a team of 50 lawyers in 4 countries. Member of the Board of Directors of various companies, former Head of Foundation Management board. According to Forbes Slovakia, one of the most powerful women in the corporate world, a prominent corporate lawyer according to the Czech magazine of Legal advisors.

Mentor, counsel, coach and fellow at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical school.

According to my parents, as a child I was talking non-stop. At the elementary school, I received some negative assessments as I was often disturbing. Even back then I was leading debates about the meaning of life and personal development.

I did a coaching course at the Centre of Systemics and NLP in Prague. It focused on the principles of NLP –  neuro linguistic programming. It is a psychotherapeutic method applying knowledge about the brain and working with “programs” in our head. As coach and mentor, I combine knowledge from the course, my corporate experience, and many years of experience in leading people.

Fitness trainer, promoter of fitness and its impact on quality of life. Ideally when combined with mental health. Nowadays, we mostly train bodies, but just a few people train their minds, focus on their inner world.

I do not agree that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. In my opinion self-knowledge and the right mindset are the key. Also that mood follows our actions. What we do affects our thoughts, feelings, views of the world around us and ourselves. If we change our behaviour, we can also change our feelings, for example having higher confidence or a stronger will.