First of all, thank you, it was truly an enriching, great experience. I have tried many things in the past, so I haven’t expected any significant progress. I feel great mindset for the present and for the future. Before we started I had a feeling that I am lost, insecure. Now I feel excitement, power, energy, confidence and joy. The experience of working with you was very pleasant, your style is pragmatic and I like it a lot. The tools you are using are great and you apply them effectively and purposefully. You come across as positive, supportive and professional. Thanks to our cooperation I have gained new perspective of myself, new and strong drive and confidence. I truly feel that. I am full of energy, ideas how to progress further, what and how to do. And the biggest shift is in the feeling of not being sucked in the past. I would recommend people to contact you and I did it already.

Viktor, Consulting company owner

Lucko, thank you for helping me to find a right way and choose between two great job offers. Your inquiring questions had led me to the place I needed to be – to understand what is important for me in professional and private life and select the appropriate role for me. Now I have peace of mind and I know that I have made a good decision. I am looking forward to the new challenges that we will again cover together.

Barbora, Director

I rate my mentoring experience with Lucka by 5 stars out of 5. We worked mainly on my work-life balance. She introduced to me possibilities how to achieve this goal step by step. During one of our meetings, for example, we went through my calendar and how to organize my working time in better way. I really appreciate Lucka´s effort to help me to achieve my goal. Even if we found out that in my case there are no inner or subjective blocks  – such as a lack of confidence, fear of loosing my job, tendency to please someone. My issue is purely about the amount of work and lack of time. Thanks to cooperation with Lucka I became better in time management, able to delegate work, I am more balanced and communication skills in English are improved.

Pavlína, CFO